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I’ve got an announcement to make that I hope will be of interest to zombie book fans: my second zombie novel, which will be called Zombie Rebellion, has been picked up for publication by Samhain Publishing!

This is the novel I was working on last summer, and for which I have to thank several readers of this blog and Twitter followers for helping me polish up after I made a public call for beta readers. The original title of the book was Zombies of the Whiskey Rebellion, but the title went through some changes–numerous changes, in fact!–and the one that finally stuck was Zombie Rebellion. My editor, the wonderful Don D’Auria at Samhain, tells me the book will likely be out in May 2014.

If you like Zombies of Byzantium, you’ll love Zombie Rebellion! It’s another historical mash-up, this one taking place in Western Pennsylvania in the year 1794. The frontier population is restive. Hatred of a new federal tax on whiskey is sparking an armed rebellion against the newly-established government of the United States. Indian tribes are getting ready to attack all along the frontier. The last thing this explosive situation needs is something to touch it off. Guess what provides the spark? You guessed it–a zombie outbreak! Can a beleaguered tax collector and his 12-year-old son, armed with only a rusty musket and an Indian tomahawk, quell the chaos and wipe out the undead monsters before the entire frontier explodes into a bloody apocalypse? You’re going to have to read it to find out!

I’m especially excited about Zombie Rebellion because it falls in my “formal” area of study–that being the U.S. Early Republic. That’s what my Ph.D. in history is (eventually) going to be in, and it was a great joy to be able to use my books and research to build a fun, exciting and gloriously bloody zombie book instead of a dry-as-dust history paper. The book was also a lot of fun to write, which is a very good sign that it will be fun to read, too!

I’ll post a lot more about Zombie Rebellion in the coming months, and the process of getting it ready for print starts to get underway. In the meantime, though, check out Zombies of Byzantium and spread the word. If you like the book, write a review on Amazon or Goodreads! Oh, and be sure to “like” my Facebook page too!