chateau la caine

Barely visible through the trees, this is the Chateau La Caine in La Caine, France. This building and this street are featured in the very first chapter of my serial The Armored Satchel. It’s the location where Max attempts his first infiltration of German headquarters. As you can see, the building has changed very little over the years and looks pretty much the same as it did in 1944.

In real life the Chateau La Caine really was the headquarters of Panzer Group West. On June 10, 1944, the British Royal Air Force attacked the chateau and bombed the vehicles parked there, destroying most of them. Panzer Group West’s commander, General von Schweppenberg (who’s mentioned in The Armored Satchel), was wounded, but not killed. The attack was a serious blow to German defensive efforts in the battle for Normandy in the first crucial days after the D-Day invasion.

You can read all about the attack on Chateau La Caine at Wikipedia, here.