sadats chalet

This haunting structure is a luxury resort home, long-since abandoned, owned by one of the most important men in the world at one time: Egyptian president Anwar Sadat, famous for signing the Camp David Accords and a peace treaty with Israel (thanks to Jimmy Carter), and who was assassinated in 1981 as a result of that action.

The house is located on a little spit of land jutting into the Mediterranean northeast of Alexandria, Egypt. I have no idea when the chalet was in use or approximately what date it was abandoned. It definitely looks like El Presidente could have had some swinging parties on that terrace, though, especially in the 70s.

The assassination of Sadat by fundamentalist army officers led to a dark period of Egyptian history. His successor, of course, was Hosni Mubarak, who ruled Egypt with an iron fist for most of the next 30 years, and was finally toppled by a revolution during the Arab Spring of 2011. Where Egypt’s future is headed now is anyone’s guess.

Will this chalet eventually be occupied again? Time will tell.