It’s June 21 and the longest day of the year. Are you itching to light something on fire? For centuries, Europeans and other societies across the globe have celebrated the solstice by lighting bonfires. If you’re stuck in an office cubicle or a spectacularly un-flammable suburban apartment complex but you still need to let that inner pagan have its summer celebration, here’s a roundup of solstice bonfires I found on YouTube. Some of them are pastoral, some raucous, some funny. Anyway, here they are.

On a lake in Finland (I think):

A Ukrainian festival in California:

A “Sonnwendfeuer,” I think in Germany:

A solstice party with bonfires and folk music somewhere in the USA:

A solstice blaze in Skei, Norway:

An interesting celebration among Latvians, evidently in Ireland:

Best wishes for a great summer!