simpson murder house

Barely visible above the palms near the center of this photo is the top of one of the most infamous addresses in the annals of crime–the house where O.J. Simpson murdered his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman, on June 12, 1994. I do not know whether the bungalow at left is associated with the property.

Now that it’s almost 20 years later and O.J. is serving 33 years (effectively a life sentence) for an unrelated crime, I hope we can drop the silly pretense of saying that he “allegedly” murdered Ron and Nicole. Although he was acquitted in a circus trial in October 1995, after more than a year of utterly ludicrous media coverage, I think most rational people can agree that O.J. did it. I mean, he wrote a book confessing that he did it! In any event his “search for the real killers” eventually led him to a prison cell, which is where he clearly belongs.

Anyway, this is where it happened. The details of the crime are pretty horrific. O.J. is a pretty nasty guy when he’s angry. I’m told this house is now a favorite stop on various “star tours” of Hollywood, much like properties associated with the Manson gang have been since the ’60s. Yes, I’m going to do some Manson-related sites too, mostly in late July and August, the anniversary of the crimes.