an armored break

Just letting you know, there won’t be a new chapter of The Armored Satchel this week. I’m taking a brief break to concentrate on other projects. If all goes according to plan, the next chapter (Chapter 20) will be up next Saturday or Sunday.

Believe it or not, this is my first break from The Armored Satchel since the serial started running in late March. Just counting on my calendar, I’m astonished to realize I’ve been at it for 17 weeks. Two of those weeks I wrote two chapters, not just one, as the serial is now on Chapter 19. I can’t even believe I’ve sustained my effort and motivation for that long.

I’m tremendously flattered and gratified that The Armored Satchel has reached so many people and enjoyed the success it has. Sorry for the brief delay, but I’ll definitely return and continue the story of Max and his adventures in World War II. Until then, if you haven’t yet read all the chapters, this is a great chance to do it! Please don’t forget to vote!