an armored break

My World War II spy serial, The Armored Satchel, has now had 22 chapters and has been in the top 30 serials on JukePop Serials for the past two months. This week I’ll be working on the crucial 23rd chapter. If you’ve been reading, you may have noticed that the story is definitely building to a climax–the conspiracy to execute Hitler, which gay super spy Max Volcker has become deeply involved in.  That plotline is coming to an end, in what I hope is a suitably riveting and pulse-pounding conclusion.

For the past few months I’ve debated where to take the serial. Max can’t keep on fighting Nazis forever, and let’s face it, realistically you only get one chance to kill Hitler. A while back I began to envision possible sequels to The Armored Satchel–the further adventures of Max. Maybe we catch up with him later on, perhaps in the 1950s, when he’s now involved in Cold War intrigue; or maybe even later, the ’60s. There are lots of possibilities. Until the last few weeks these possibilities have all been theoretical. But now with Chapter 23 upon me, it’s time to make a decision.

Thanks to both the tremendous support of the readers and fans of The Armored Satchel and the input of JukePop Serials editors and writers, I have decided to continue The Armored Satchel for at least 22 or 23 more chapters.

To be sure, I am going to segue Max into another storyline–I’ve chosen one of the sequel ideas I thought of, but it is one that takes place still during World War II and preserves a great deal of continuity with the story as it has unfolded so far. I am also going to take a brief hiatus after Chapter 23–perhaps to the end of August. But what this means for you, a reader, is that you won’t have to jump ship to another story or look elsewhere for the continued adventures of Max. It’ll be in the same place, under the same title, easy to find, just as it’s been since the first chapter ran on March 26. Most readers will probably not even notice any difference.

So, in short, you can look forward to more adventure, more intrigue, more history, and more fun. Thanks to everyone who’s read, voted, retweeted and recommended The Armored Satchel for the past five months. It’s been terrific, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the ride!