back to the future

“ONE POINT TWENTY-ONE GIGAWATTS???!!!?!?” Yes, this is the actual DeLorean time machine used in the Back to the Future movies, and you can see it all in a cool panorama from! If you’re a geek on the movies, you’ll see everything is totally accurate here–the Flux Capacitor, the time circuits, destination time set to November 5, 1955, even the alarm clock on the dashboard. Go into the full panorama (the link is here) and through the windows of the car you can see the Hill Valley welcome sign and even the Lone Pine Ranch!

Despite his dead-ringer resemblance to Marty McFly, the man in the driver’s seat is not Michael J. Fox. He’s a Canadian actor named Ian LaCourt, and he got to pose inside the DeLorean from the movies at the 2012 Hobbystar Fan Expo in Toronto, which was where this picture was taken.

This has got to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen on, and it’s now my new favorite Earth post!