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It is obvious from browsing this blog that I’m interested in missing persons cases, and my profiles of various “MPs” are often the most popular articles I post here. While a lot of my information comes from Charley Project, there are some other really great missing persons sites out there as well. One I’d like to profile is the terrific site

ForTheLost is more than just a database of missing persons cases or a publicity engine (although sites that do those things exclusively are very valuable). Members of ForTheLost volunteer to monitor, investigate and work actively to solve missing persons cases. Consequently, the cases its volunteers take on are limited and carefully selected. There’s a focus on older cases for which law enforcement may not be actively investigating, and also a focus on children. There is also a corresponding blog for the site.

Some of the cases open on ForTheLost include:

There is some really interesting information here and it’s worth checking out. is really something special, and I am going to be incorporating some cases and information from the site into my own MP profiles as time goes on. is run by a woman named Annie Keller (she’s pictured at the top of this article). Annie has been having a difficult time of it lately, and an appeal recently went out to raise money for her for some badly needed dental procedures which are not covered by insurance. She has established a funding website here. If you see fit to help out a member of the missing persons community, I know she’d be very grateful.