armored 5

Chapter 28 of The Armored Satchel, my World War II spy serial on on JukePop Serials, went live this afternoon! In this action-packed chapter, the Soviets bargain for the life of Comrade Blednykh, while Max makes his way into the Ardennes forest, smack into the middle of what historians will call the Battle of the Bulge. After a tense battle with American tanks and an even tenser battle with the hostile elements, Max’s shelter against the cold of winter rapidly becomes a death trap…and his air is almost running out!

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In many ways Chapter 28 is a unique installment in The Armored Satchel/Red Chameleon series. Despite the whole thing taking place during World War II, it’s the first chapter to feature an out-and-out battle scene among military forces. In its later stretches it also gets a little philosophical as Max ruminates on the meaning of the war, which makes it the most “emo” chapter since Chapter 17. And, if I say so myself, this week’s cliffhanger is extremely unique. All in all, I’m very proud of this chapter and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

By the way, the opening scene of this chapter is meant to evoke the classic 1940s Cold War thriller The Third Man, which features a chase through the Vienna sewers. Hopefully old film buffs will get the reference.

The Armored Satchel, now with over 630 votes, is slowly but steadily climbing in the JukePop rankings. If you haven’t voted yet, please do. Enjoy!