belle pente winery

This lovely panoramic view from of a hillside strewn with trees and grapevines is located near Carlton, Oregon, and is the home of Belle Pente Winery. The Willamette Valley, nestled between Portland and Eugene, is home to some of the most beautiful country in the United States. If this photo looks like something out of the 18th or 19th century, it’s because life out here has a very simple and rustic flavor and sustainability is a key principle. I would love to own a place like this someday, living simply, drinking great wine, reading books and enjoying views like this.

Belle Pente’s wines themselves are very good. They make mostly pinot noir, which is the staple wine of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, but pinot gris and chardonnay grapes–most begun by transplants from France–are also grown here. Their Estate Reserve Pinot is excellent, perfect for slow sipping on an autumn afternoon (like this one). I recommend clicking the full panorama in, scrolling to the right and you can see one of the wine-making buildings and a few barrels. The whole Willamette Valley is studded with awesome little grottoes like this, and you can make a day trip of it driving around wine-tasting, as many people do.

Link to 360cities spherical panorama for this image. Check it out!