petworth house

This is the grand and majestic Petworth House, one of the great stately homes of England, not unlike Dyrham Park. This magnificent mansion was constructed in 1688, although there has been a manor house on this site since at least the 13th century. It was rebuilt in the 1870s and given over to the UK National Trust in 1947. Max Wyndham, the Second Baron of Egremont–the official biographer of World War I trench poet Siegfried Sassoon–lives in this house with his family, but the place is open to public tours.

Petworth House and its grounds are famous in the world of British art. Iconic landscape painter J.M.W. Turner visited here often and painted many scenes of Petworth Park, including its famous herds of fallow deer. Some of Turner’s original paintings hang in the main house.

On the grounds of Petworth Park is also the fascinating Petworth Cottage Museum, a simple laborer’s cabin that has been restored to what it looked like about 1910. At that time it was the home of the seamstress who worked at Petworth House.

Link to 360cities spherical panorama for this image. This is a particularly beautiful and pristine-looking site, well worth a look. The grounds of this place are absolutely magnificent and look probably much the same way they did back in 1688. Amazing!