Here’s a genre of film I bet you didn’t even know existed: Soviet kids in space movies! I didn’t know they existed either, but this cool blog entry (which includes video clips) set me right. Bizarre!


The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Here’s a real oddity, a Soviet juvenile SF film from the early 1970s, Moscow-Cassiopeia, that is clearly influenced by 2001: A Space Odyssey… at least in the sets and in some of the visuals. Padded walls (that’s not a joke, or is it?), psychedelic lighting effects that Warhol and the Factory would have approved of, they’re all here, though the spaceship isn’t much cop. And that star map on a transparent plastic sheet you’ll see in one of the clips is very 1950s. And as if that’s not enough, the first clip shows clips from both that and from another Soviet film, ‘Teenagers in Space’ as well.

You’ll find Moscow-Cassiopeia in all it’s glory in full on Youtube, not sure about Teenagers in Space (which might be a sequel to M-C, now I think about it).

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