merzhausen winery

This lush hillside winery is on the grounds of a Jesuit manor house built in 1666 in Merzhausen, Germany, in the region of Alsace. Although we know for a fact they’ve been making wines here at least since the 17th century, I would hazard a guess this winery possibly goes back to the Middle Ages. The wines that come from here are mostly whites, as it’s too cold for hearty red grapes. This is exactly the kind of place profiled in the wine chronicle I blogged about a few months ago, a truly awesome compendium of data on the quality of wines–and also the history of climate–going back to the 11th century.

This photo was taken in April 2012 by Erik Krause. Visit the full panorama here on and spin around–you can see the manor house, the steepness of the hillside, as well as the storybook-like village below. The vines here have been cut and prepared for the coming growing season.

Wouldn’t you love to hang out in a field like this on a warm day in spring, enjoying a glass of wine and soaking in some European culture and history? Places like this definitely put me in a daydreaming mood, especially on raw January mornings like the one on which I’m writing this entry.

This is now my second Earth Panorama showcase of a winery, the other being Belle Pente in Carlton, Oregon. Maybe I’ll make this a regular feature.