shea cellars harvest

This is kind of an unusual Earth Panorama post, as it’s not scenery-heavy, but I found it very interesting. These are workers sorting grapes and preparing to put them into a crusher/de-stemmer. It’s harvest time; this photo was taken on October 10, 2012. The winery is Shea Wine Cellars in Newberg, Oregon.

If you look at the full panorama on, you can see the stages of the process, including large vats of grapes still to be processed and the conveyor belt leading up to the crusher/de-stemmer itself. These grapes are undoubtedly pinot noir grapes, the predominant–but by no means the only–wine grapes that grow in Oregon’s relatively cool-climate Yamhill Valley. Oregon pinots have been making great strides in the world of wine in the last 15 years. They are now appearing with regularity on wine lists at world restaurants, have been served at White House state dinner and are exported to many countries overseas (I had the odd experience once of buying an Oregon pinot noir at a supermarket in Oslo, Norway).

I’ve been to Shea Cellars and it’s a very nice place. Their wines are excellent. If you get a chance to visit them, I highly recommend it.

This photo was taken by Bill Edwards.