ZombieRebellion by Sean Munger

At last the day is here! My new book Zombie Rebellion was released today by Samhain Horror. It’s available in e-book and paperback format, and you can get it on the Samhain website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or whatever other outlet you like. Also presumably your local bookstore can order a copy.

If you’re a zombie fan, you definitely need to get Zombie Rebellion. It’s historical zombie fiction, set against the backdrop of the Whiskey Rebellion, an almost-revolution that really happened in the back woods of Pennsylvania in 1794. There’s oodles of flesh-chomping, head-exploding horror fun as overwhelmed frontiersman and sometime tax collector Roger Clymer scrambles to hold off an invasion by the living dead as well as a full-fledged political revolt over an unpopular tax on whiskey. Add feuding Native American tribes and whiskey-addled rednecks to the mix, and you’ve got a mess that only George Washington can clean up. Yes, the George Washington, who adds “zombie exterminator” to his resume along with “Father of our Country.”

Zombie Rebellion has been a long time in the making–I started writing it in the early summer of 2012, and it’s been very exciting to see it come to be. It was great attending the World Horror Convention last month and talking with other Samhain authors (and non-Samhain authors) about my book and their own upcoming releases.

If you’re a Yahoo member, pop on over to the Samhain Horror Cafe and see what’s doing over there. I have a busy schedule today and tomorrow, but I’ll be dropping in occasionally. You could win a free Zombies of Byzantium e-book!