Last December I began a series of articles called “42 Historical Objects,” which finished up just a few days ago. It was a very interesting and fun series to do and many of the regular readers of this blog responded to it very well. It’s a shame I had to limit my choices to only 42 (those of you who are Douglas Adams fans know why any arbitrary number of anything should be 42). In the seven months it ran, “42 Historical Objects” also was a staple of this blog because I always had another article next in the pipeline.

Building on that success, I’m announcing a new series of historical articles, similar to that one, on a common theme. Beginning this weekend I’m going to roll out “42 Historical People,” with each article highlighting a person whose life or accomplishments can tell us something interesting about the time and place they lived in. But, there’s a twist. My selections are not going to be “giants of history.” Julius Caesar, George Washington and Robert E. Lee will not be featured. Instead these are going to be people you may not have heard of, or might have heard of but know little about.

For example, do you know who Thuya was or why she is remembered in history? How about Kosa Pan? Who’s Kartir? Aside from the fact that she was married to our 5th President, can you name a single fact about Elizabeth Monroe (pictured above?)

Like “42 Historical Objects,” 42 Historical People will range the gamut of human history, from the dawn of time to the 21st century. The emphasis will be on 19th, 20th and 21st century people, but one of the important things about the previous series was that it covered all history, from caveman times to the present.

Expect the first article sometime this weekend, perhaps tomorrow or Saturday night. Let’s meet some interesting people throughout history!