The above video, called Make A World of Difference, was produced in cooperation with the United Nations to publicize the UN Climate Change summit. Created by Louie Schwartzberg, narrated by Morgan Freeman (the second-greatest English-speaking voice on Earth, after Christopher Lee), and with music by Hans Zimmer (Gladiator), this short but powerfully moving film lays out the stakes for humanity in solving the problem of manmade climate change, but also highlights that in these great challenges lie tremendous opportunities to build a better world. I think this film is excellent, and as I believe passionately that manmade climate change is the single most serious issue facing the world today, I thought I’d highlight it on my blog.

September 2014 was an important month for climate change activism. The march in many cities worldwide, including New York, on the eve of the summit brought out 400,000 people demanding action. World leaders met at the UN, but certainly much more than words and high-level meetings are needed to tackle this problem. Climate change is the most serious crisis ever faced by the human race. It’s the challenge of our generation, equivalent to our grandparents’ challenges of World War II. The time for denial and recrimination is over. We no longer have time for it. We don’t have a choice anymore. We must move forward to more environmentally sustainable infrastructure and lifestyles.

I like Make A World of Difference because it emphasizes not the threat–although that exists–but the opportunity. In remaking our energy usage patterns, industries, businesses and homes, we open up tremendous opportunities for economic advancement, empowering people, bridging cultural gaps, peace and scientific breakthrough. Fighting climate change isn’t about building seawalls or evacuating Pacific islands (although that may happen). It’s about innovation, cooperation, and understanding. At least, it should be.

Please share this film. It’s important!

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