Today is October 31. It’s a Friday. A weekly feature called “Metal for Friday” is a staple on this blog. What, did you think I wasn’t going to pick a Helloween song to showcase today?

“Eagle Fly Free” is one of the signature tracks by one of the world’s great power metal bands–and a pioneer of the genre–Helloween, from Germany. This is from their greatest (in my opinion) album, Keeper of the Seven Keys, part II, which was released in 1988. This was truly one of the blueprints for the entire sound of European power metal, and it’s an awesome album that has not lost its power more than 25 years after its release. This particular performance was recorded live in Sao Paolo, Brazil, in 2005 for a DVD.

That’s really all there is to say. Have a great Halloween, a great Friday, Shabbat Shalom, and happy November!