Although they aren’t well-known, the German power metal outfit At Vance is one of my favorite metal bands. I began listening to them about 2000, the time they put out their Heart of Steel album which is an unabashed anthem of love toward power metal fans. In my opinion they reached their peak in 2003 with their album The Evil In You, which remains after 11 years one of my all-time favorite albums. At Vance previously had a gimmick where they would cover an ABBA tune with each album; The Evil in You was the first album where they broke that tradition.

This song, “You Will Never Take My Soul,” is actually a rarity. It appeared only on the bonus disc for the special European edition of The Evil In You, and it’s noteworthy because it features the contributions of original vocalist Oliver Hartmann (who has also sung with Avantasia), while the rest of the Evil in You album was recorded with the new vocalist, Mats Leven. I think this is a fantastic song, very clean and catchy, and it’s just the thing for a rainy, weepy November morning.

I hope you’ve all had a great Thanksgiving, and Shabbat Shalom! \m/