You may remember me mentioning last week that I was going to be on an Internet live radio show called Zombiepalooza. That interview happened last Friday, January 9, and now the recorded version of the interview is up on the archives of Zombiepalooza. You can find it here, which is a link to a Livestream video that should function on your browser much like a YouTube video. The portion of the show I’m on begins at 58:27 (appropriately enough with AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell”!) and continues for about 50 minutes. Take a listen!

I think this was a terrific show and I’m really proud of it. Host Jackie Chin and her friends were awesome, and I talked about my upcoming book Doppelgänger (which comes out February 3, in only a few weeks), and my past books Zombie Rebellion and Zombies of Byzantium. On the show we covered not merely Victorian ghosts and the medieval undead, but also what makes a great horror story, the process of writing and planning novels, and the research that goes into them. It’s not a side I share that often on this blog, so it’s something a little unique.

I’m very grateful to Jackie and the other hosts for having me on. I’d love to come back to Zombiepalooza Radio, and if you’re a horror fan you should probably be tuning into this show regularly, which happens every Friday night at 8PM (Eastern USA time). Lots of fun!