After a digression into death metal, it seems I’m back to power metal! A couple of people on my Twitter feed mentioned Blind Guardian this week, and just checking the archives I see I haven’t featured a BG song since July 2013…so it’s due up again! This, of course, is the classic Blind Guardian track, the one they’ll always be remembered for: “Nightfall,” the highlight track from their 1998 classic album Nightfall in Middle Earth. This particular performance was filmed at Wacken Open Air 2011. Yes, I was in the crowd. If you look closely you can see me–I’m the guy with the long hair wearing black clothes!

Nightfall in Middle Earth is a concept album based, as the title suggests, on the fantasy writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. Many power metal fans (or metal fans in general) were weaned on Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books, to which the 2001-03 Peter Jackson film franchise introduced to a whole new generation. Actually Blind Guardian’s album came out while the films were in production. There’s an urban legend that Peter Jackson opened an Internet poll to Lord of the Rings fans to vote for the musical act they would most like to see contribute a song to the films. According to this legend Blind Guardian won the poll but Peter Jackson was horrified, and overruled the fans, decreeing “There will be no heavy metal in my film!” Ultimately the singing gigs for the three films went to Enya, Emiliana Torrini and Annie Lennox–all a very far cry from Blind Guardian. I don’t know if this story is true, but I’ve heard it repeated over and over again.

Have a terrific weekend and a great Sabbath! \m/