This is absolutely awesome. I know I have a number of followers who are interested in “strange remains,” so this story of a surprise discovery in a Norwegian warehouse should be nightmare fuel for the foreseeable future! Always love the fascinating tidbits that you find on ThorNews, one of my favorite blogs.

2500 Years Old South American Mummies

These mummies were shipped to Norway by Norwegian emigrant Gunnar Nergaard. (Photo: Per Holck / University of Oslo)

For over eighty years, 2500 years old mummies from South America have remained forgotten in a museum warehouse in Oslo. Before now, nobody knew where they came from or how they ended up there.

In the 1930s, the Norwegian emigrant Gunnar Nergaard settled in Chile. He found, among other objects, some 2500 years old Indian mummies which he shipped to the Norwegian Ethnographic Museum in Oslo, NRK Hedemark and Oppland reports.

They were completely forgotten until Knut Djupedal, Director at the Norwegian Migration Museum, read an article about the emigrated Norwegian and the mummies. He started to dig in Nergaard’s history to find out where they had ended up.

When he contacted Ethnographic Museum, he got the answer that they probably had some objects that Nergaard had shipped.

– But they claimed…

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