Above you will find a video for a short (10-minute) film called I Can’t Kickflip. It was created by Ewan Waddell, a young photographer, fashion designer and filmmaker from the UK, and the film chronicles his recent 3-month journey to Australia and New Zealand. Ewan sent me a link to his film a few days ago and I found myself intrigued by it. This is a travel journey with a uniquely personal perspective, and the way he’s constructed the story–various little adventures like clearing brush on an Australian ranch, wandering the streets of Sydney drunk at 5AM, mountain biking through New Zealand wilds–sort of reminds me of a postmodern YouTube-age reboot of the beatnik road trip narratives of the 1950s. Don’t be too fooled by the title–skateboarding is mentioned, but the real focus is the trip itself. The film also features some really spectacular visuals that you aren’t likely to see unless you actually go Down Under. (Be sure to toggle the setting to watch in HD to get the full benefit of the visuals).

Ewan seems like a pretty creative guy. You can see clothing he’s designed here, and some of his travel photography here. If you’ve got a gap of 10 minutes in your day that needs filling, this interesting little film is definitely worth a look! Thanks to Ewan Waddell for bringing it to my attention (and all visuals obviously belong to him).