Korpiklaani is a wonderfully unique metal band from Finland, well-loved by metalheads the world over, even those who aren’t really that into folk metal–or think they aren’t. Their shows are delightfully energetic and quirky, and frontman Jonne Järvelä has some of the most epic dreadlocks on planet Earth. I’ve played Korpiklaani for people who know nothing about metal and they loved it. The band originally started as a folk act, playing (if you can believe it) at restaurants in Helsinki under the name Shamaani Duo, then in the mid-1990s morphed into Shaman, and finally “metallized” in 2003 as Korpiklaani. They’ve been a force in the folk metal scene ever since.

This song, “God of Wind,” is my favorite track from their debut (or at least debut metal) album, Spirit of the Forest. It’s got the heavy sound, folk influences, and frenetic energy you expect from this band, but also a light touch of comedy and self-parody. And you have to admit, you don’t hear accordions on metal albums very much! If you’ve never heard this band, this song is a perfect introduction, and it’s a great catchy tune–I used it to dislodge the ear-sticky “Everything is Awesome” song (from the Lego movie) that’s been stuck in my head all week.

Have a great weekend, Shabbat Shalom! \m/