Instead of doing a “Planet Wine” post for #WineWednesday, I thought I’d change the pace a little by showcasing a recent video from Jamie Oliver’s DrinksTube which definitely puts the viewer on the ground in some of the most fertile, beautiful and tasty territory of northern Italy. Veneto is the setting for this short film, “Wine Tour of Italy,” with food and wine experts Danny McCubbin and Luca Dusi. Together they buzz about several villages in the north of Italy, sampling great food and some terrific wine. The 1969 local Merlot looks especially amazing–I generally don’t drink Merlot, but I’d make an exception for this one! The ancient wine bar in Verona that they visit at the end, and especially the basement room with the incredible treasures there, is also amazing.

Italy is an enchanting and magical place for many reasons, but its wine is definitely one of them. As I thought this video depicts the beauty and complexity of Italian wine better than a Google Earth post, this is my offering today to the winos among my readers. Enjoy!