I’ve done very few of my own recipes on this site, but I thought I’d revisit this one which I originally posted 2 years ago. Sushi is a wonderful summertime meal, very cool and refreshing, and quite fun to make! Here’s my own recipe and instructions. A nice cool white wine would go well with this. Enjoy!


homemade sushi

Here in the West (USA) we’re in the grip of a heat wave, thanks to global warming, and last night I felt like something cool and refreshing for dinner. The perfect thing to make was sushi.

This is a pretty straightforward sushi recipe.  The trick to sushi is not so much what goes into it, but how you make it.  It’s more of a performance art than actually cooking, and what it looks like is very important. But fortunately, once you get the hang of it, it’s fun to make and the results are almost always amazing–even better, in some ways, than the sushi you get in restaurants, and a lot cheaper!

This recipe is for tuna rolls, salmon rolls and two types vegetarian type rolls that I often make.  You can substitute almost anything you want for the filling.  I have used carrots, cucumbers, smoked salmon, green onions, and various…

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