Alestorm is a wonderfully fun band from Perth, Scotland. For some reason heavy metal bands are drawn to pirate themes, and Alestorm gleefully describes themselves as “pirate metal.” I’m not sure what kind of genre that is, but as you can see from this live performance they’re a lot of fun. Besides pirates the other theme Alestorm tackles a lot, as you might deduce from their name, is drinking. Beer is a huge part of the heavy metal experience, and pirates are often associated with rum, so there you go! The song originally comes from the band’s 2011 album Back Through Time.

This performance was captured at Wacken Open Air in 2013. I wasn’t there that year but judging from this it looks like I missed a great show. Not much else to say about this–I just wanted a pure fun, light-hearted performance to show you as we head into the weekend. As always, keep your glasses filled, and Shabbat Shalom! \m/