boston 1801

This blog is going to be on a temporary hiatus for the next week. I’m once again going to Boston, as I did last summer, to conduct research for my dissertation which is entitled Ten Years of Winter and involves reactions to a period of intense temporary global climate change during the years 1810 to 1820. Fortunately this trip will be much shorter than the one last summer, so I hope to be back, and resuming regular postings, after August 30. While it’s possible I might post an article or two next week, I’m not planning on it.

My trip last summer was the source of some pretty interesting articles. I posted not just one, but two potpourris of great photos from my trip, of everything from dogs I saw on the subway to the interior of Old North Church where American independence was arguably hatched, and I also ruminated on why Boston is such a geographical mess. I think I know my way around the city pretty well now, and certainly I’m no slouch at navigating the stacks of the Massachusetts Historical Society, where I hope to learn more about Thomas Jefferson’s environmental catastrophes and perhaps browse some more Early American almanacs.

We’re in the dog days of summer now, so enjoy the shortening summer days while you can before they’re over. See you all after the hiatus!