Metal for Friday: Doro Pesch “We Are The Metalheads” [audio].

Since even well before the Wacken Open Air fest several weeks ago (which I didn’t go to) I’ve been working on a little Wacken-related project, which I’ll be talking about in tonight’s blog post. It occurred to me that there isn’t really an official “song” of Wacken, and surprisingly there are very few songs out there about Wacken. In a 1999 CD compilation there was a bonus track called “W:O:A” by a one-off band, never heard from again, called The Bullheadz, which was about the festival. The members of The Bullheadz were not listed but I could’ve sworn the vocals were by Sammy Hagar. I’ve searched in vain for a good rendition of “W:O:A” to put up on Metal for Friday, but alas, no luck. In any event The Bullheadz are ancient history, and now 16 years old the song “W:O:A” is kind of a relic.

Fortunately there’s a new song that in the last few years has been put forward as sort of the “anthem” of Wacken Open Air, and it’s by apparently immortal German glam/power metaller Doro Pesch, a favorite at the festival. Originally recorded in 2009, it’s a stand-alone song, not associated with any album. “We Are The Metalheads” doesn’t specifically mention Wacken, but I notice it’s the song that plays over the DVD menu for the Live at Wacken 2009 DVD, and her performance of it, with Skyline–who, as you might recall, headlined the very first Wacken festival in 1990–closes the bonus disc. The Skyline duo is not this performance, which is Doro alone, but you have to admit the song is incredibly catchy and becomes an earworm almost instantly. This is just what we have come to expect from Doro who is sort of the reigning queen of German metal. I admit it took me a while to warm up to her, but having seen her live several times now I have to say that Doro rocks!

This is a great metal anthem on which to start your holiday weekend. Have a great one, and and Shabbat Shalom! \m/



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