doppleganger audio

Months ago I recall being informed by my publisher, Samhain Horror, that my novel Doppelgänger was going to be turned into an audio book. There was a delay in production, but I’m very pleased to announce that the audio version is now available on–here is the link. (You can listen to the first chapter, for free, on that page). To say that I’m impressed with the finished product is an understatement. It’s absolutely awesome, and if you’re a fan of my books I strongly urge you to get one!

This is the first time my work has appeared in audio book format, and I was very curious how it would turn out so I got a copy and began listening to it today. Audio Realms chose veteran voice talent Lesley Ann Fogle to do the narration, and it was absolutely the right choice. (Here’s Lesley’s website). Her sonorous voice totally draws you into the story and she made it sound so new and surprising that I forgot I had written the words she was reading. Ms. Fogle did an especially good job with the voices of the various characters. They really come to life in an amazing way. Anine Atherton, the novel’s heroine, is Swedish, and in addition to her quotations there are a lot of Swedish words and expressions in the narrative, and Lesley handled them perfectly. Her characterization of Miss Wicks, an important supporting character in the book, was so absolutely perfect that she sounded exactly like I imagined the character would sound. I also loved her characterization of Julian, the novel’s chief villain. Overall it was like hearing a radio play–much more than just dull droning narration!

In short, this is a really fun way to enjoy Doppelgänger. If you haven’t yet read the book and want to try the audio experience, I highly recommend it. It’s terrific! Great job Audio Realms.

The cover of Doppelgänger is copyright (C) 2015 by Samhain Publishing.