multicultural christmas

The main message of this article is a simple one: Merry Christmas, happy holidays or whatever your thing is, whether it’s today, some other day, or no day at all. I wish you peace, happiness, and the comfort of being with family, friends and neighbors today.

I made the header image in this article two years ago and have rerun it each year on Christmas. I figured that a picture including pagan bonfires, Byzantine mysticism, dreidels, Chinese food (a staple of Jewish life on Christmas, as I’ve learned), and the gay-friendly, socialist, pacifist, wealth-redistributionist, refugee-welcoming King of Kings himself should cover most of the bases. Our world is increasingly diverse, interconnected and multicultural, and our holiday traditions can’t help but reflect that. So, to you and yours, have a great holiday!

The header image is by me, but includes an image (the dreidels) by Adiel Io, licensed/relicensed under Creative Commons 3.0 (Attribution) license.