Another quirky, awesome news item out of Norway from ThorNews! This has got to be one of the coolest jobs ever…a “hiking boots tester” that sounds more like a personal journey of discovery. This was too good not to share with all of you. Best of luck to the successful applicant!

Trekking SHoes

What is the most important factor if you have to walk for eighteen months in the Scandinavian wilderness: Good shoes, patience, madness? (Illustrating photo: Mari Kolbjørnsrud/ Norwegian Trekking Association)

More than 1,000 persons have applied for the position as Explorer and Product Tester for the traditional Norwegian ski and hiking boots producer Alfa. The full time job means that you have to wander in the Norwegian wilderness for eighteen months. Sounds tempting?

Alfa that was established in Oslo in 1931 writes on Facebook:

“We are both overwhelmed and very excited about so much interest and are now working hard going through the applications. With so many applicants, we will not have picked the candidates going forward in the application process until after Christmas.”

In the job advertisement, it is written that the person being hired “will walk in all kinds of weather and under all conditions. Some traveling must…

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