You may remember Shane Ness (a/k/a Tattered Passport), the exceptionally free-spirited Australian who travels, video-blogs, and raises money for charity. When we last caught up with him on this blog he was trekking across Australia in a beat-up but lovable 1976 Kombi minivan, pausing to see some spectacular sunsets in the Nullarbor region of South Australia. Here is another short (~4 minutes) video from him, focusing on some more amazing scenery in Australia. There is no dialogue to this video, just music and the amazing images of the Great Ocean Road, a 150-mile path that connects Torquay and Allansford in the state of Victoria, southwestern Australia.

The Great Ocean Road itself is actually pretty interesting. It was created between 1919 and 1932 as both a public works project to employ Australian veterans who had returned from the Great War (World War I), and also as a memorial to those who did not return. Thousands of veterans worked on the road, building it almost entirely by hand. Due to its length and scale it’s classified as the largest war memorial in the world. Given the obviously spectacular views you can see from it, it’s now a very desirable tourist attraction.

Kudos to Shane for his irrepressible sense of adventure!