This is just a very short post to bring you a very short but mesmerizing video that was taken today (March 3, 2016), of a volcano called Tungurahua, in the Andes, in the country of Ecuador. After major eruptions in 1773, 1886 and 1916, this volcano has been classified as active since 1999, with a number of eruptions occurring since then, the largest and most serious one in 2006 necessitating the evacuation of 25,000 people who live in the region of the mountain. Since February 2014 the mountain has been in a state of constant eruption with occasional flare-ups above the norm. One of those flare-ups occurred this morning, and was caught in this dramatic news footage.

Seeing a volcanic eruption is a pretty amazing thing, which is why I like to post videos like this (I’ve done it before). It’s rare that we get to see geologic processes in action–and historical processes too. Volcanoes are a key part of my own historical research, and I have some memories of my own involving historic eruptions that have occurred in my lifetime. Tungurahua is not big enough to be in the same league as the truly world-changing eruptions, but it’s always fascinating to see the process in action.

Hat tip to my friend Bob, who emailed me the link to this video today.