It’s been a little while since we caught up with Shane Ness, a/k/a the Tattered Passport, the Australian traveler and vlogger who has treated us to fascinating road trips, spectacular views and some wonderful beer, wine and chocolate. Now Shane is on his biggest adventure yet: he’ll be working in Antarctica over the winter! He has been to Antarctica before (in a video I featured months ago), but just recently, February 2016, he flew down to Mawson Station to work as what’s called a “winter-over.” This is without a doubt the adventure of a lifetime and the natural trajectory of Shane’s search for amazing travel experiences.

This video documents the long traverse from Australia to Antarctica, and also shows an interesting facet of how Antarctic transportation and staffing works in the real world. Most of us are aware that people work in Antarctica, scientists and researchers and so forth, but we don’t often think of how they get there and what the process is like. In fact the majority of human beings in Antarctica are not scientists but ordinary workers who run the stations and provide all the support needed for research activities. How they get there is a complicated web of transportation and logistics. This video shows how it works, and also presents some amazing scenery of the frozen continent.

I wish Shane luck on his incredible adventure down at the bottom of the world. I’ll be posting updates as they appear on his site and YouTube channel.