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The time-bending science fiction/magical realism podcast that began March 6, The Valley of Forever, has a new chapter available! Episode 6, “Chinese Box,” went up late last night. You can hear the episode (for free), or catch up on any you missed, at Podomatic, or various other podcast listening platforms: iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn.com, and on Stitcher.

There are several dramatic threads running through The Valley of Forever, and Episode 6 involves the family drama. In this episode Marcus continues to narrate his trip to Hawaii in December 1993 in search of his real father. He doesn’t find him, but the person he does find–a mysterious former cult member named Jimmy Hung–proves specially meaningful in his life. The trip also opens up another mystery that he did not appreciate before. The concept of “Chinese boxes”–mysteries of time nestled one inside another–occur frequently in the story and will come up again.

“Chinese Box,” like Episode 5, incorporates the music of ‘Kay (one-man band George Kay), who has written several original themes for the podcast. “Hawaiian Dad” is probably my favorite. Here it is; I made a YouTube video of it.

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