This short (less than 3 minute) video is a fascinating snapshot into life, fun and adventure on the frozen continent. For several months now I’ve been following the travails of Shane Ness, a/k/a the Tattered Passport, an adventurous Aussie who took a job at Mawson Station in Antarctica and has since been reporting back with very interesting blogs and YouTube videos of what life is really like down there. I’m quite interested in Antarctica, and I’m working on a novel set down there, so I pay close attention to these videos, and I thought you all might like this one in which Shane and some buddies from Mawson go quad biking on sea ice.

The scenery in Antarctica is just stunning. I can imagine being out there, crisp cold wind in my face, feeling the bumpy ice under the tires, looking out onto the horizon and seeing nothing but the glory of nature. Antarctica is certainly not untrammeled by humans, but the human presence there is much more limited than in most places in the world. I would imagine the feeling of loneliness is at once disturbing and liberating. The frozen continent is a place of contrasts, both moral as well as physical and environmental. That’s one of the things that makes it so interesting.

Thanks to Shane for another great video!