My apologies for being so erratic with the podcast posting schedule, but at least I have a good excuse for the last gap–I was putting the finishing touches on Hotel Himalaya! Now I’m happy to announce that The Valley of Forever is continuing, with a new episode, number 14, posted just last night. You should know the drill by now: find the podcast for free on your preferred platform, be it PodomaticiTunes, Google Play,, or Stitcher.

This episode, “The Globe of Time,” returns to the story of Dale, the 19th century American man who has become trapped–possibly by his own will–in a timeless void called the Valley of Forever. Exploring a subterranean complex he discovers underneath the village of Nesbergvik, Dale discovers a fabulously strange and awesome machine that seems to be able to record every event that’s ever happened on planet Earth for thousands of years. Dale’s exploration of the machine, as related by the narrator, Marcus, to his estranged son, raises more questions than it answers about the mysterious origin of the Valley and how it got to be the way it is.

This episode is a curious one. It’s a bit of a slowdown in terms of pace, and it concerns a segment of the story that I ultimately cut out of the 2015 book version The Valley of Forever. Initially I wasn’t going to do it in the podcast adaptation either, but then I decided the podcast format’s unique ability to allow “sideways” exploration of story elements made it possible to bring back the Globe of Time concept which I originally conceived in 2010, in the book’s first draft. I leave it to you to tell me how successful I was, but it certainly was an interesting episode to write and record.

As always, if you like the podcast, tell a friend! The downloads and views for The Valley of Forever have been surprisingly consistent over the months, so it has some kind of following at least. Thanks as always for your clicks and support.

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