The Valley of Forever


The Valley of Forever, (c) 2016 by Sean Munger

Released December 17, 2016

At the end of time lies the beginning of understanding.

Trapped aboard a burning cruise ship, Jerusha King makes a fatal leap into the sea with a baby in her arms. But what seems like the end of her story is only the beginning. Five minutes before the fire begins, Jerusha’s lover Dale tells her that the disaster that’s about to occur happened once before, decades ago, and somehow she was there too. Between these two bookends of time lies an elusive truth that Jerusha feels compelled to pursue. It has something to do with the first time she met Dale, 24 years ago in Mexico, though her memories of their ill-fated love affair keep changing. It has also to do with the madman who sets the fire, and with a time traveler sent 500 years back in time to witness it. At the heart of this truth about the nature of time is Dale’s own story, chronicled in a mysterious book called The Valley of Forever—the story of a hidden place that lies at the farthest limit of human consciousness, and, quite possibly, at the end of time itself.

Where to Get It

The Valley of Forever is available on Amazon Kindle in e-book format. You can find the book here. There is also a paperback version, which is available here.

Here is the promotional trailer:

What happened to the Valley of Forever podcast?

In March 2016, before The Valley of Forever was published, I made an attempt to serialize the book into a narrative podcast. It ran 15 episodes and was not completed. This was an adaptation of the story, quite different than the novel. As of now it’s still up; you can still listen to it on Podomaticon iTuneson, or on Stitcher.

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