Unfortunately there is a delay on releasing Outer Frontier; I’d hoped to have it out June 15 but I’m not going to make that day. Nevertheless, it will soon be out this summer!

Original Article

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m going to have a new publication out soon: Outer Frontier, a collection of two short stories, best classified as science fiction. This collection will be available free on Amazon Kindle [update: there will be a free version available, but it might not be on Amazon Kindle], but if you really want a paperback, there will be one for a low price–I’m not sure what the price will be, but most likely it’ll be under $5.

Outer Frontier consists of two very odd stories centering around popular culture and our modern obsession with entertainment and diversion. In “The Collection of X,oraan,” Dave, a teenager growing up in the ’80s, spies a fascinating toy monster figure in a comic book shop from some SF/fantasy franchise he doesn’t recognize, and he decides he just has to have it. This ignites a 30-year obsession to collect more of the mysterious toys, ultimately revealing an awesome mystery: where exactly do they come from, and are they as benign and innocent as they seem?

In “Outer Frontier,” my most recent story, the reader sees through the eyes of Craig Devorak, an unfortunate young man laid up with a serious injury in his cluttered apartment in the midst of a brutal heat wave and an international nuclear crisis that threatens to end civilization. Deserted by his friends, dependent on a dwindling supply of painkillers, Craig seeks escape by binge-watching an old SF television show from the 1960s called Outer Frontier, but the cost of this mental diversion may be higher than he expects…indeed it may be claiming his very sanity.

Like my recent novel The Valley of Forever, “Outer Frontier” has multiple endings and could be considered hypertext fiction.

Outer Frontier will be my second short story collection in a year, the first being Hotel Himalaya: Three Travel Romances that came out in September 2016. This is also my second release in 2017, the first being February Romance.

The launch date for Outer Frontier is not set set, but may be around June 15. Certainly it’s coming soon! Check back here for more details. Thanks, as always, to my loyal readers and fans for sticking with me.

The cover design for Outer Frontier is copyright (C) 2017 by Sean Munger and/or Buffalo Fetus Productions, all rights reserved.