It’s always a good day when I get to announce a new book, and I’m especially stoked to announce this one: there’s a Second Decade book on the way! If you’re a fan of my historical podcast Second Decade, chronicling the tumultuous and fascinating history of the 1810s (the second decade of the 19th century), you will definitely be interested in the little volume it’s soon spinning off. Tentatively titled Second Decade: The Long Dawn of the 19th Century, this book is a popular history compiling some of the most interesting and momentous episodes of this unique time in the past. Although it’s based upon scripts for the first season of the podcast, the Second Decade book is much more than that, and will be expanded, revised and sourced. But above all it will be a fun and informative trip into the past, just as the podcast is.

Second Decade is soon to drop its 25th episode, and there’s no way I could possibly include everything in the book. Choosing which subjects to cover was quite difficult, but as it stands, there will be chapters on the last Frost Fair on the Thames, Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, the mysterious “Dead Tea Woman” of Nevis, Jefferson in retirement, the environmental disaster of Tambora, and much, much more.

I am trained in academic history, but Second Decade will not be a book aimed at academics. I’ve already found as I’ve been adapting the scripts that the podcast format makes for a much more informal and engaging “voice” in the telling of history than traditional academic writing, and no one needs another dense tome of dry and arcane analysis from which the good stuff has been deliberately drained. I’m putting out this book under my own imprint, and it’s definitely aimed at you, the popular and casual history buff rather than an audience of professional historians who too often are more interested in talking to each other than to the general public.

I haven’t decided upon a release date for the book yet, though it will be in the first few months of 2018. Check back here for more updates as the book gets closer to reality. And, as always, you can keep enjoying the Second Decade podcast; I’m now into the second season of the show. Thanks for the support and encouragement!