About a month ago, I announced that I was working on a new podcast–a science fiction audio drama called Double Perigee. Well, after a lot of hard work, today (April 28, 2018), the show has finally hit the “airwaves” for the general public. Episodes 1 and 2 went up today. I’ve also created a webpage home for the show, here.

Click Here to Play Episode 1, “Goodbye, Algeron”

Click Here to Play Episode 2, “Rough Night”

The show is mere hours old, so it has not yet popped up on Apple’s iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher, though I’ve submitted it to all three and expect it to start appearing on these platforms in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, if you like the show, please tell everyone you can about it. The launch of a new podcast is very much like a space launch: the most critical moments are right after takeoff. If the show can keep flying steady and level enough to reach escape velocity, it’ll be well on its way. Once the show debuts on iTunes, high star ratings and reviews there will be particularly important. Those of you who read this blog have consistently been my best supporters and fans, so I hope you can help out!

I have several more episodes of Double Perigee produced and finished, and many more in the writing stage. I anticipate I’ll be able to update the show once a week.

This is an exciting time. Thanks for all your support and help!

Double Perigee and its artwork are copyright (C) 2018 by Sean Munger, all rights reserved.