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The burgeoning love between Raljebi and Q’Zeiyn finally crosses a point of no return, as he acknowledges—first to his cousin and then to the universe as a whole—that he loves her. In the meantime, a cryptic message received from the Caprionese Embassy, offering Raljebi amnesty if he surrenders to the authorities and joins the army, is denounced by Noe Ril’Lem as a cryptic death sentence, while outside Camp Palag powerful forces organizing to expel aliens from Mira move a step closer to their goal.

Original Music: George Kay

Guest Voice: Izeire

Length: 13 minutes, 49 seconds

(July 12, 2018)

Show Notes

This episode fits very much within the context of the various storylines as they’ve been developing. Raljebi and Q’Zeiyn’s romance was headed in this direction for quite some time, so it should be no surprise to anyone that we reach this point. The fascist nature of Caprion’s home government is also becoming apparent; this too has been hinted at for a while, and now it’s coming more into focus.

The character of Noe Ril’Lem in the original 1990s The Farthest Forever book, though an important supporting character, lacked a certain richness. I hope that in this version I’m giving him some more depth, specifically by playing up the idea of him as a precocious intellectual (but with some very savvy political influences).

There is both historical and political allegory in this episode. The “Triads” of security police signing veiled death sentences—and employing deception to induce the condemned to turn themselves in—is taken from the experience of Stalin’s Russia during the Great Purge of the 1930s, where the tribunals were known as “Troikas” and frequently carried out death sentences themselves without appeal to a higher authority. Noe’s story of how Mira became so politically polarized has some parallels, I think, in our own time.