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After vowing revenge against the Raiders, Raljebi thinks that the Palags are finally getting a clue as they develop an organization—and a new name—to defend themselves against the bandits. But then mysterious columns of smoke begin appearing over the camp, heralding an even more ominous development: an epidemic raging on both sides of the wall.

Written and Performed By: Sean Munger

Original Music: George Kay

Guest Voice: Curtis Han

Length: 14 minutes, 37 seconds

(June 7, 2018)

Show Notes

Disease is an almost inevitable side-effect of people living together in cramped, squalid conditions without good infrastructure. Typhus has been the bane of military barracks and P.O.W. camps for centuries; that something similar wouldn’t happen on an alien planet, especially with people from many worlds sharing their pathogens with each other, is inconceivable. In that sense you could probably predict this twist of the story.

Originally in The Farthest Forever the plague occurred much earlier in the story. I thought layering it with the subplot of the Raiders—twin overlapping threats that make life in Camp Palag even more miserable—was more realistic.

In this episode is the first mention of the term “Freeloaders,” which has been in the story since the very earliest incarnations.