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The Giamotti Trilogy

The Giamotti trilogy is a series of three science fiction novels centering around the evil archvillain Steven Giamotti, a fictional character who begins existence as a throwaway cameo in a short story and eventually becomes an immortal, omniscient being with the power to create and destroy universes.


Life Without Giamotti, (c) 2006 by Sean Munger

Published July 2006 by Buffalo Fetus Productions

Steven Giamotti is a street-smart, Brooklyn-accented 17-year-old with a chip on his shoulder and a propensity for psychotic violence. He’s also a fictional character–a truth Giamotti comes to appreciate only after slaughtering the entire student body of a swank Eastern prep school. Now sentient and self-aware, Giamotti set his sights on wreaking a terrible revenge upon the author who created him, a shy, bookish upper-crust teenager named Paul Conlon. But Giamotti can’t kill Conlon without destroying himself in the process. What’s the next best thing? Drive him insane, of course!

Life Without Giamotti chronicles a fictional character’s quest for revenge against his creator–an epic chase that eventually spans 60 years and multiple universes, from a World War II submarine in a historical fiction novel-within-a-novel to the real-life skyscrapers and nightclubs of Manhattan in the 1950s. More than a simple science fiction story, Life Without Giamotti is an almost Borges-like rumination on the limits of existence, the possibilities of consciousness, and the nature of God.

Where to Get It

Amazon (Kindle version and paperback available)


All Giamotti’s Children, (c) 2008 by Sean Munger

Published February 2008 by Buffalo Fetus Productions

In the sequel to Life Without Giamotti, Steven Giamotti has given up his quest for revenge and set his sights even higher: now he’s out to “liberate” his people–fictional characters–from the confines of their fictional universes by teaching them to become self-aware and choose their own destinies. Using a device called a chronistan, Giamotti can open a portal to almost any universe, fictional or otherwise. But are his motives truly altruistic? Or is this another attempt to destroy existence and replace it with a hierarchy of creations, all under Giamotti’s personal control? A tiny cabal of resistance–spearheaded by Charles Bullingdon, a minor character from a Thackeray novel, and Count Bezhukov from Tolstoy’s War and Peace–springs up to try to thwart Giamotti’s plans. But how do you defeat an adversary who is immortal, omniscient and can change universes at will?

Not merely a continuation of the first book, All Giamotti’s Children takes the saga to a new level. This time the battle rages across the pages of great literature while also spanning the globe, from the voodoo-haunted favelas of Rio de Janiero to a distant Antarctic research station and a murderous cult compound in the hills of Los Angeles. The surprising twists and turns of the story are wildly unpredictable, and firmly establish Giamotti as one of the quirkiest villains you’ll ever meet in a book.

Where to Get It

Amazon (Kindle and paperback versions available)

book front

Giamotti in Winter, (c) 2009 by Sean Munger

Published August 2009 by Buffalo Fetus Productions

The final chapter of the Giamotti saga finds the great villain entombed in a prison universe custom-built for him by his enemies, which is rigged to destroy itself if he ever attempts to escape. Every precaution has been taken to make sure Giamotti will never menace anyone again, and he professes to be happy in his uneventful retirement. But he does unfortunately have one tool his enemies wish he didn’t possess: the “choice rejector,” a device that can unwind the fabric of history one event at a time. Employing a decades-long master plan that kills millions of innocent people, Giamotti manages to escape back into the real world. Now his final goals are simple but terrifying: find his long-lost son, and destroy every human being on Earth so he can repopulate it with a race of fictional super-beings. This time, there may be no one left to stop him!

Giamotti in Winter is the universe-shaking conclusion to the Giamotti saga. It will take you from a Revolutionary War army camp at Valley Forge to the bleak and grimy streets of a Communist Bloc capital, and show you a terrifying vision of a catastrophe that could wipe the human species off the face of the planet. Giamotti in Winter is the darkest and most terrifying part of the trilogy, and its startling conclusion will leave you wondering about the true nature of existence.

Where to Get It

Amazon (Kindle version and paperback available)

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