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Robert Horvat

Expertise: History (esp. Byzantium), Wine

Robert Horvat, an Australian of Croatian extraction, is married with three children. His historical interests have a wide range but he is particularly knowledgeable about the history of the Byzantine Empire. He also knows a little about wine and in fact his family’s traditions in Croatia are deeply involved with wine. He runs two blogs, If It Happened Yesterday It’s History and The History of the Byzantine Empire, and also manages the Byzantine Empire group on Google+. He has just joined as a regular contributor, but before that I have reblogged many of his articles here for more than a year.


Breathing New Life into Croatian Wine.

Drinking Tuscany: Chianti Classico and Its Connection to History.


peter henderson

Peter Henderson, Jr.

Expertise: Missing Persons

“The ultimate obscenity is not caring.” (~Rod Serling)

My name is Peter Henderson Jr. I am 65, married, and I have lived almost all of my life in New Milford, Connecticut.

Now retired, I worked for over thirty five years for the Nestlé corporation, both in production and as a technician in a savory and sweet flavor prototype lab. My major in college was political science and I was a town Selectman for six years and a town Councilmen for ten, six as chairman of the council.

I have never been a reporter. I am just someone interested in helping tell the stories of the missing.

Through out the decades my general interests have included; tennis, mountain climbing, spelunking, snorkeling/diving, US Political History, The US Civil War, reading a good book and cooking (Yes I mean in the kitchen, not just hot dogs on the grill)

I would like to conclude this brief introduction with a second quote:

“The nation is haunted by missing children and women. Their restless spirits are everywhere, urban, suburban, rural. One can’t go anywhere without encountering them, yet nobody really sees them.” – H. P. Albarelli, investigative journalist and author.


October 1963: A Prologue to Anita Drake’s Story.

Disappeared: Anita Kay Drake, Missing 51 Years. 

harry markov

Haralambi Markov

Expertise: Writing, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Haralambi Markov is a Bulgarian fiction writer, blogger and reviewer with a background in Marketing and SEO, who currently operates as a freelance writer. Generally off-kilter, but most pleasant, you can find Markov sitting somewhere with fingers on some sort of keyboard. You can find him rambling at his blog The Alternative Typewriter and on his Twitter at @HaralambiMarkov.


LGBT in SF/F: This feels like coming out of the closet again.


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