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Brave New World, the new cinema of the 2010s [Part II]: big movies, small stories.

The second installment of my analysis of "Brave New World" of 2010s cinema involves examples spanning the globe from the U.S., England, Ireland and Russia.

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“Down & Out at Harvard”: My Favorite Second Decade Episode is Honored by Bello Collective.

Bello Collective chose not only my podcast to highlight as one of their best-of 2017, but they focused on what I think is my best episode!

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Background to war? Mad Sociologist on U.S.-North Korea conflict. [video]

https://youtu.be/Gmpp7QZWwpE The above video is by fellow academic blogger The Mad Sociologist, who tries in this video to provide some background--both historical and political--to the [...]

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Silencing the Victims of Climate Change: Harvey, Irma and The Panic that Never Happened

This has been a terrible and tragic summer for climate change. Given the double-barreled dose of warming-fueled catastrophe that struck the US in just two [...]

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