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Defeating Defeatism: My Open Letter to a Friend Overwhelmed By Climate Change.

Feeling overwhelmed about climate change, like it's just too big to solve? You need to start thinking about the problem in different terms--and then you'll see that there is hope.

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Silencing the Victims of Climate Change: Harvey, Irma and The Panic that Never Happened

This has been a terrible and tragic summer for climate change. Given the double-barreled dose of warming-fueled catastrophe that struck the US in just two [...]

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Telling reversal: a politician is finally ashamed of his climate change denial. (UPDATED!)

This article, originally posted September 27, 2016, was updated September 28. Go to the end for the update. Much of America is talking today about [...]

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Benghazi-ing Climate Science: House “Science” Committee Subpoenas NOAA

A little drama is playing out on Capitol Hill involving climate change. This article from the Climate Denial Crock of the Week blog, from October [...]

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They’re still “deniers”: How the AP is obfuscating climate change with words (again).

Why is the Associated Press deliberately using the wrong words to describe people who reject climate science?

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