Searching for Bradyn: sorry, but he’s still missing.

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A while back I did a post profiling Michael “Bradyn” Fuksa, a college-aged man who vanished from Wyoming in July 2009 after driving there, for unknown reasons, from his home in Kansas. This is one of the more mysterious missing persons cases I’ve come across.

Browsing the search terms that have brought people to this blog, over the last week I’ve noticed an avalanche of searches for “Bradyn Fuksa found” or something to that effect. This leads me to believe that there has been some new publicity in his case–perhaps the Investigation Discovery show on him was recently rerun, or maybe a rumor started somewhere on the Internet. I note that the 4th anniversary of Bradyn’s disappearance is coming up next week.

Sadly, he has not been found–dead or alive. I have a Google Alert set to notify me of anything that comes up regarding his case, so if he or a significant clue is found, I will likely know about it fairly soon. I am doing this post mainly to save the people searching a little time: as of July 12, 2013, Bradyn has not been found. I think it’s possible he may be alive and I certainly hope he is, but there is no resolution yet.

Just setting the record straight.

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4 Comments on Searching for Bradyn: sorry, but he’s still missing.

  1. i just watched what is a rerun but the first time i had seen this on bradyn missing….i live in conroe texas and my heart goes out to the Fuksa family and friends….but my prayers go out to Bradyn to keep him safe and out of any harms way and to give him the strength to return back to his family or just the strength to pick up a phone to let his mother and father know he is out there somewhere and is safe but might not be ready to take the step to go home….atleast that will give them comfort of knowing he is okay.please post any updates in the future because i would like to know he is okay too….like i said…i live in texas so yes i have a big heart ;) prayers to bradyn.

  2. Does anyone know how to get in contact with his family? I’d like to offer them my services to aid in the search.

  3. Donna Haynes // March 10, 2015 at 7:35 am // Reply

    My prayers fore the young man and his family, wish I could help.

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